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Max Newnham is a partner with Taxbiz Australia and has worked in public accounting for almost 40 years. He is a financial planning analyst with the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a specialist advisor with the Self Managed Superfund Professionals Association of Australia.Max Newnham is a partner with Taxbiz Australia, writer for Fairfax Media and author of 6 books the most recent being Funding Your Retirement – a survival guide.

Max has been assisting trustees of SMSFs for more than 30 years to administer their funds, implement strategies to maximise their after tax superannuation, and assist with investment portfolio construction and selection. Taxbiz looks after more than 150 SMSFs.

During the mid 1980s Max conducted a media campaign against the tax office incorrectly charging taxpayers. As a result of the campaign legislation was passed that forced the ATO to issue refunds to the tax payers that had been overtaxed.

The media campaign led to Max writing on tax, superannuation, and small business issues for Fairfax media. In addition to special features he has a weekly column that appears in the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald plus an online column dealing with small business issues. Max also writes for the Eureka report answering subscribers’ questions.

Max has written 6 books the most recent being “Funding Your Retirement – a survival guide”. His book “Self Managed Super Fund – a survival guide”, published in 2009 has been updated and is the foundation for this site.