How to set up and run an SMSF

/How to set up and run an SMSF
How to set up and run an SMSF2018-12-06T00:26:36+00:00

Setting up an SMSF is relatively easy; the hard part is deciding who you will get to do it. Just like any other commercial transaction the principle of ‘let the buyer beware’ applies to setting up an SMSF.

The Rules of the SMSF Game

Running an SMSF is similar to playing a sport, such as Aussie rules, rugby, cricket or soccer, you need to know the rules. If trustees do not understand the rules of the game of superannuation they are putting themselves and their superannuation at risk.

Tax and Superannuation

 The taxation of superannuation is often veiled in mystery and causes much confusion. I am not going to make any outlandish promises about being able to totally explain this often baffling subject.

Running an SMSF

The responsibility of running an SMSF sits firmly on the shoulders of the trustees of the fund. The experience for trustees is very similar to that of owning a car.