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Centrelink Pension And CSHC Tests

The income thresholds applying at July 1, 2017 are as follows:

Family Situation Lower Threshold Upper Threshold
Single up to $168 p/f $4,368 pa $1,944.60 p/f $50,559.60 pa
Couple (combined) up to $300 p/f $7,800 pa $2,978.40 p/f $77,438.40 pa
Illness separated Couple (combined) up to $300 p/f $7,800 pa $3,853..20 p/f $100,183.20 pa

Once lower threshold is exceeded fortnightly pension decreases by 50 cents for each $1 earned for singles, and 50 cents for couples, until upper threshold is reached.

Under the current Work Bonus system $250 per fortnight is deducted from a person’s salary or wages. The maximum bonus is $6,500.

Deeming Rates and Thresholds at July 1, 2017

Type of Pensioner Lower Deeming Rate Higher Deeming Rate
Single 1.75% up to $50,200 3.25% on over $50,200
Couples 1.75% up to $83,400 3.25% on over $83,400

The Assets test thresholds applying from July 1, 2017

Family situation Lower Threshold


Lower Threshold


Upper Threshold


Upper Threshold


Single $253,750 $456,750 $550,000 $753,000
Couple (combined) $380,500 $583,500 $827,000 $1,030,000
Couple (separated due to illness) $380,500 $582,500 $973,000 $1,176,000

Once low assets test limit is exceeded the full pension decreases by $3.00 a fortnight for every $1000 in excess until upper threshold is reached.



Adjusted taxable income

Couples 84,472
Singles 52,796
Couples combined, couple separated by illness or respite care, or where one partner is in prison. 105,592

Once a person or a couples assessable income exceeds the limit shown they are no longer entitled to a CSHC.

Until December 31, 2014 adjusted taxable income included:
* taxable income
* foreign income
* net investment losses
* reportable fringe benefits
* reportable superannuation contributions

From January 1, 2015 the deeming rules apply to account based pensions and this deemed income will be added to the adjusted taxable income to assess eligibility for the CSHC. Anyone holding a CSHC at January 1, 2015 will continue to have covered by the income test that existed at December 31, 2014.

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